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Lymphatic Medi-Cupping Therapy

Body Contouring and Healthy Weight Loss

Lymphatic Medi-Cupping Vacuum Therapies have proven to be incredibly effective approaches to face and body contouring services. Excess weight is often not fat but a stagnant overloaded lymphatic system trapping toxins and excess fluids in the body.
This amazing modality is revolutionizing the way we look at detox, healthy weight loss, cellulite reduction and body sculpting. The results are phenomenal, immediate and long lasting.
Vacuum therapies are a safe, highly effective and non invasive treatment to open and drain the lymphatic system, release restrictions and shift the polarity and pH of the tissue to assist the body in re-establishing homeostasis. Studies have shown that 78% of stagnant lymph can be pushed back into circulation with lymphatic drainage. This simple treatment has truly impressed those who experience it’s subtle power.
Unlike Chinese heat cupping, Lymphatic MediCupping creates suction and negative pressure and is used to drain excess fluid and toxins, loosen adhesions, increase oxygen delivery and lift connective tissue bringing blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. The vacuum technique produces a “separation” in tissue layers enabling water absorption and renewed blood flow to dehydrated undernourished tissue.
Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, or somewhere in between, Lymphatic Vacuum Therapies are becoming an integral part of training for many elite athletes. Vacuum Cupping is highly effective for body conditioning, peak performance preparation and reducing recovery time.

Fat or Solid Bloat? What is Solid Bloat?

Solid bloat are minute layers of dehydrated stagnant lymph, old blood and cellular debris that can accumulate in the body over time and appear as excess weight, abdominal bloating, cellulite, love handles and those stubborn areas that don’t respond to dieting and exercise. Vacuum therapies help promote cellular cleansing and support the immune system by clearing the filter and purification system of the body.
New research reveals that 80% of overweight women have sluggish lymphatic systems. Excess weight is often not fat but an overloaded lymphatic system trapping toxins and excess fluids in the body. MediCupping Vacuum Therapies are a holistic approach to support self healing and can reverse 25 years off the body for vitality and radiant beauty naturally.

Conditions That Respond Well to Lymphatic Vacuum Therapies

• Inflammation
• Unexplained Weight Gain
• Cellulite
• Swelling
• Lymphedema
• Scars/Scar Tissue
• Chronic Fatigue
• Lyme Disease
• Lupus
• Pre and Post Surgery
• Tendonitis
• Chronic Fatigue
• Fibromyalgia
• Pain
• Breast Congestion
• Prostate Care

Benefits are accumulative and a series of sessions are recommended.

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